Online Banking Security Information

Bank securely online. Protect your information; identity and account data. Here are some key guidelines.

Check your statements regularly – if you notice anything irregularities, contact us immediately.

Change your Internet Banking password at periodical intervals.

Always check the last log-in date and time in the post login page.

Do not access the site via any link sent through e-mail.

Don't use the same password for your financial accounts as you do for other sites.

Avoid accessing Internet Banking accounts from cyber cafes or shared PCs.

Access online banking by typing in the URL in your browser's address bar. Visit the Sidian Bank website through to access the link.
Do not accept a password reset via phone call, e-mail or SMS from any bank representative. Any such phone call, e-mail or SMS is an attempt to fraudulently withdraw money from your account through Internet Banking. Please report immediately to or call 0711058000.
If you have accidentally keyed in the wrong password three times, your user access automatically locks.
Do not be lured through phone call, e-mail or SMS promising reward(s) for providing your personal information or updating your account details in the bank site.
After logging in, don’t provide your username and login password again or card details. If you get a message (such as through a pop-up) asking for such information, please do not provide this information no matter how 'genuine' the page appears to be.
Make sure that your password is 8 or more characters long and is a combination of letters of the alphabet, numerals and symbols.
Never leave your computer unattended when logged in and log off as soon as you’re finished, especially on any public computer.
Pop-ups requesting to provide your username, password or card details after logging in are most likely the result of malware infecting your computer. Please take immediate steps to disinfect your device.